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We innovate in the following spaces

Web & Mobile App Development

We start your web or mobile app project with the end user in mind, then merge imagination and technology. Each cloud-based app is built to answer the needs of the user while standing the test of time. The result is always an engaging and scalable solution.

We trigger a change in the Fintech industry

We aim to shape Fintech with our Banking as a Service solution. BaaS is how we believes future core banking systems should be built to move financial tech past today’s stagnation of legacy technologies and decades of conservatism.


A unique diversified GIS experience

We connect people and data with interactive maps through Articode’s cutting-edge use of GIS tech. Our GIS systems take data sources, sometimes with millions of entries, and build them into custom viewers for the ideal end user experience.


You’re unimpressed with “status quo”

Articode promotes open source communities, does research, and lectures on the latest tech in software development. We’re not here to repeat what’s been done, we’re here to do something new. If this sounds right to you, you’re a match for Articode.


You only want to invest in the best UX&UI

For any digital product, there’s an interface. Articode has the design and development expertise to start with strong design frameworks for all our projects. This means building the best user interface (UI) with the optimal user experience (UX) for rapid adoption of your digital solution.

You expect innovation, not imitation

We scout for clients with the intention to do something better or new. If you’re a match for us, you want to work with developers who creatively and deftly apply new technology. If you plan to position your brand for success by offering something unique, you’re a fit for Articode.



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